Scaling Up Climate Change Adaptation (SCCA) in Zimbabwe with a focus on rural livelihoods (2014-2018)


Buhera, Chimanimani

Funded by GEF/UNDP

Scaling up adaptation measures and reducing the vulnerability of rural communities, particularly women to climate variability and change in the project area. Focused on development of Climate Resilient Villages with smart energy (solar powered gardens), livestock breed improvement (goats and cattle fattening), crop production (inputs support)

Forests Sustainably Managed for Communities, Environment and Shock Resilience (Forest Forces) (2014-2017)


Chimanimani, Mutasa, Hwange, Matobo, Lupane

Funded by European Union

Participatory sustainable forest management and valorization of forest products, diversified livelihoods strategies and enhanced capacity to deal with shocks. Promoted community enterprises on natural products, agroforestry, fruit tree plantations.

Enhancing Nutrition, Scaling Up Resilience and Enterprises (ENSURE) (2013-2020)


Buhera, Chimanimani, Chipinge, Zaka, Chivi, Bikita

Funded by USAID

Improving resilience to food insecurity of communities. Vulnerability, risks and capacities assessments and development and implementation of DRR plans. Creation of community assets including solar power nutrition gardens, weir dams and associated support on crop inputs

Climate Adaptation for Rural Livelihoods (CARL) in Zimbabwe (2018-2021)


Buhera, Bulilima, Gutu

Funded by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)

Improved opportunities for sustainable livelihoods with a focus on sustainable food security, Green jobs especially for women and youth, improved capacity of stakeholders to contribute to environmental and climate sustainability

Improving Food Security through Irrigation Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (2018-2020)


Beitbridge, Chiredzi District

Funded by Liechtensteinischer Entwicklungs Dienst (LED)

Promoting integrated and diversified livelihoods for enhanced food security, incomes and sustainable benefit-driven natural resources management. Supported irrigation schemes on agronomic and business and marketing training, input support (seed, chemicals and fertilizers)

Adapting to Climate Change through Protecting and Enriching Local Natural Woodlands and Forests in Malipati, Chiredzi District (Carbon Project) - Phase III - (2020-2022)


Chiredzi District

Funded by Liechtensteinischer Entwicklungs Dienst (LED)

Promoting adaptation to climate change hazards through carbon reduction and promotion of non-carbon benefits. Promotion of incentives for natural resources management (honey production and marketing, nutrition gardens, fruit tree planting)